Henri Regnault (1843-1871) ~ Salomé, 1870 ✿

 Henri Regnault (French,1843-1871) Salomé, 1870 detail - oil on canvas 160 × 102.9 cm 
Metropolitan Museum of Art

  Henri Regnault (French,1843-1871) initially represented this Italian model as an African woman, but later enlarged his canvas at the bottom and right and transformed it into a representation of the biblical temptress Salomé. Hair ruffled, clothes in disarray, she has just danced for her stepfather Herod, governor of Judea. The platter and knife allude to her reward: the severed head of John the Baptist. Just months after this picture’s sensational debut at the Salon of 1870, the young Regnault was killed in the Franco-Prussian War. His posthumous fame was such that an outcry arose when the painting left France for America in 1912

Henri Regnault (French,1843-1871) 
Salomé, 1870 
oil on canvas 160 × 102.9 cm
Metropolitan Museum of Art

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